Robert/Boisen & Like-minded

Advertising Agency
Robert/Boisen & Like-minded is a danish, independent advertising agency located in the heart of Copenhagen

Founded in 1998, we are proud to say to have been part of moving the danish advertising industry forward. And even more proud to have been awarded the most creative agency in Denmark by the top 200 marketing directors, five years in a row (2010-2015).

We are a full service agency with no digital titles, where all disciplines work closely together. We attack briefs from an user experience perspective, understanding where we can create impactful solutions, giving the most effect with the means we have. And this is why all of us are “digital”, or human as we prefer to call it.

Being “Like-minded” (link to a separate page) is rooted in our DNA. Why we also arevery selective with whom we work. Every business relationship we start is driven by one of our partners in order to ensure quality and longevity. We also ensure to keep a diversified portfolio, both with local and international clients, and different categories in order to always evolve our expertise.