Social Media Management Company
Connect # Collaborate # Create

There’s no secret to the way we operate, in fact we even made it our agency’s sign off. We believe that it is our job to make connections. We connect with clients, partners and colleagues; we connect our brands with their audiences; we connect people’s brains to their hearts.

Mindjumpers is a social media management company specialized in creating conversations for some of the world’s leading brands.

Based in London and Copenhagen, but with Local Social Media Managers in more than 25 countries across the globe, we are able to execute local Social Media initiatives in a structured, quality assured and cost effective way, with focus on creating effect and value for your brand.

We oversee all or parts of Social Media Management – from editorial structures and content strategies to moderation and response. In the last six years, we have worked with 40 of the largest brands in the world and become a leader on the market of Social Media Management.

What we do?
Real-Time Content: The heart of Mindjumpers is our Social Newsroom where stories are selected and share-worthy content is produced, planned and published at the right time and place.

Local Activation: With local social media managers in more than 25 countries around the world, we build and engage communities in a valuable and authentic way.

Results: We manage your brand’s social initiatives and make sure that efforts are measured and transformed into data and insights to secure success.